Stage 1-3

During stages 1-3 of the learn to swim programme, our teachers are water based.

This means that our teachers are in the pool with the swimmers allowing for that extra support and confidence building.  This method of teaching allows participants to become comfortable in the water which sets a foundation ready for swimmers to gain strength for swimming distances and learn techniques.

The learning objectives for stages 1-3 of the Swim England Learn to Swim programme are divided into progressive stages. They form part of the core, national learning objectives for nursery and primary school aged children, which have been designed to teach learners the basics of swimming and water safety.

Each of the Learn to Swim stages displays a clear list of learning outcomes that need to be achieved in order to complete the stage.  Take a look below for a more detailed breakdown of each stage and which would be most suited to your child.


  • Stage 1
    Perfect for complete beginners! This stage is designed to teach the basics, including becoming comfortable with being around the water, learning how to enter/exit the water safely and introducing balance and water movement techniques.
  • Stage 2
    Building confidence! This stage is aimed at those who need that extra time in armbands to build confidence and strength. This stage takes the time to develop a swimming technique that will allow your child to swim independently without flotation aids and little teacher support.
  • Stage 3
    Swimming without armbands! During stage 3 children will be assisted by the swimming teacher when swim on their front and back without armbands until children feel 100% confident. The learning objectives for stage 3 involve jumping in without assistance, submerging underwater and streamlining on the front and back.
  • Certifcate & Badge Awards as recommended by Swim England
    At AquaStars Swim Academy our swimming teachers are highly skilled and experienced in providing the correct certificates and badges in order to coincide with the child’s capabilities when issuing an award

    We believe that by offering a non pressurising and supportive environment for children to achieve each child will progress at their own pace, and we like to provide certificates and badges as a reward for their hard work

    Badges are not compulsory to buy, however your child will receive a badge slip at the end of each term so you are able to purchase one if you wish to do so
    The badges we currently offer include: