Stage 8-10

Competition Time! These stages are designed to teach children the foundations of competitive swimming.  Skills such as tumble turns, dives and underwater techniques will be taught so children can continue their love of swimming whilst always learning something new.

Swimmers are encouraged to continue swimming lessons right up to stage 10.  This will allow children to learn all the skills required to take part in further aquatic disciplines once the Learn to Swim programme has been successfully completed.  Additional activities such as Water Polo*, Synchronised Swimming*, Competitive Swimming* and Diving* are all sports that can be explored further once your child is ready to move on from swimming lessons.  Just ask your teacher for further information, or use the link to contact us so we can signpost you to clubs in local and surrounding areas.


  • Stage 8
    Welcome to Competitive Swimming! During this stage swimmers are taught the skills required to swim competitively. Even if your child doesn’t fancy racing quite yet, the skills developed during this stage will help them to become a stronger swimmer all round.
  • Stage 9
    Underwater Technique! This stage focuses on the importance of starts, turns and underwater skills needed to race. Teamwork is also important and the introduction of relay races will practiced.
  • Stage 10
    Ready to take on any swimming discipline! This final stage will allow your child to consolidate all of their learning from the previous 9 stages. Long distance achievement certificates will be accomplished, and children will have the opportunity to progress onto competitive club swimming, diving, water polo or synchronised swimming.
  • Certifcate & Badge Awards as recommended by Swim England
    At AquaStars Swim Academy our swimming teachers are highly skilled and experienced in providing the correct certificates and badges in order to coincide with the child’s capabilities when issuing an award

    We believe that by offering a non pressurising and supportive environment for children to achieve each child will progress at their own pace, and we like to provide certificates and badges as a reward for their hard work

    Badges are not compulsory to buy, however your child will receive a badge slip at the end of each term so you are able to purchase one if you wish to do so
    The badges we currently offer include: